Who we are

Mo Tribe started under the brand name “Northern Pride Smocks” started when I realised the need to satisfy the rise in demand for Northern Fugu Fabric ie  “Worrie” as called in my dialect that has become a fashion trend in the country and beyond.
When started Selling the fabrics it was not challenging enough so I thought to myself what can do more than just sell fabric so I ventured into using the fabrics in making accessories like Bags and Footwear to test the market the and the response was amazing within a short time it was trending.
Before that most of the bags and footwear I saw were made with Print Fabric or the Asante Kente then I new the initiative has a very good potential.

This initiative also help local women in the weaving  communities and empower the indigenous Women in the weaving industry by giving them access to ready Marked and continues Trade for their local women who are mostly in the low income earnings communities to keep their livelihood.

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